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Staff Biographies


JOHN S. HAND, PH.D., is a fully licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan and is also licensed as a Marriage and Family Counselor in the State of Michigan. Additionally, he is Board Certified in the area of substance abuse and is the recipient of the Certificate of Recognition award from the American Psychological Association for outstanding public service. He has published numerous professional articles, has taught at several colleges and universities, and conducted dozens of seminars across the country in the area of Forensic Psychology. He also has enjoyed numerous consultantships with police agencies and the military (Air Force – Suicide). He has testified as an expert witness in trials more than 400 times, primarily in areas involving child sexual abuse. He has several specialties including sexual victimization and coping with the sudden death or suicide of a loved one. Prior to establishing a full-time private practice in 1982, Dr. Hand worked as a psychologist for the Michigan Corrections Department, Psychiatric Clinic at the Central Complex of Jackson Prison (SPSM). He is well versed in prison job stressors, as well as activities, policy, and procedures of MDOC.


ANTHONY GENSTERBLUM, Ph.D., is a fully Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 30 years’ experience in a variety of settings. His PhD denotes a specialty in child psychology, and in addition to 18 years working in the private sector, he also served as psychotherapist and Director of Treatment at the Manor (a private psychiatric hospital) in Jonesville, Michigan from 1999-2012, where he treated developmentally disabled and mentally ill children from 5-21 years old. In the private sector, Dr. Gensterblum continues to see a variety of adults, children and families with a divergence of diagnostic categories and difficulties. He is proficient in the utilization of numerous psychological tests and administers ADHD testing to both adults and children as well as tests for cognitive dysfunction and personality disabilities on virtually a daily basis. He has testified as an expert witness in southern Michigan courts more than 200 times and is often retained to complete forensic evaluations on both adults and children on referral from attorneys and courts. These include criminal matters and guardianship exams.  He has taught at the University of Michigan and Jackson Community College and has enjoyed consultantships with a variety of clinics, hospitals and mental health agencies.


CATHERINE KELLEY, licensed Master Social Worker, brings extensive experience treating children, adults, and families to the practice. Virtually her entire professional career, beginning in 1992, has been in this area, much of it with the FAMILIES FIRST program in Jackson, Hillsdale, and Branch counties. She has considerable clinical skill geared toward promoting parent-child attachments and enhancing parenting skills, as well as special expertise in working with teens.  She has extensive experience consulting with community agencies and organizations. In 2007 she was honored by being chosen Michigan Family Preservationist of the year.


CHRISTINA LUDEKER, MA, is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a specialty in treating children and has over 12 years’ experience working with a variety of client types, primarily children and families. She has special certifications in treating those suffering from ADHD and Posttraumetic Stress Disorder and frequently engages in home-based counseling for the convenience of our clientele. Most of her professional experience has been in serving the Jonesville-Hillsdale area, and she has also taught part-time at Jackson Community College in her area of specialty for a number of years. She is especially knowledgeable as to what services are available in the Jonesville-Hillsdale area which can be utilized to facilitate growth in our clientele to augment the counseling process.


CAROL HECKAMAN, MSW, is a master’s degree level licensed social worker with 29 years’ experience working primarily with severely disturbed children such as those suffering with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, she is also adept at treating adults and couples with relationship problems.


SAMANTHA COREY, psychologist, is the newest addition to our clinical family and comes to us with extensive experience in diverse clinical settings, working with a variety of populations and client types including men, women, children, and families.  She is adept at treating people from all walks of life and has particular expertise in the area of substance abuse.  Several years ago, she established a treatment protocol for substance abusers which came to be known as Drug Court which now serves as a model for other similar type programs which courts have adopted across the state.  She is also skilled at completing bariatric exams and driver’s license restoration assessments.


ALAN HAUSER is a recent addition to our staff and splits his time between our Jackson and Jonesville, Michigan offices. A Masters level Psychologist, licensed in the state of Michigan, he has 30 years of clinical experience including working in hospitals, public schools and in private practice. He is experienced treating children, adolescents and adults in various modalities including group, couple and family counseling. He is also trained in the administration of a variety of psychological tests which enables him to complete evaluations on adults and youth, for a variety of clinical concerns. His niche is the treatment of men, women, adolescents, who are experiencing problems with addiction or drug dependency and he is certified by the state of Michigan as an Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC).


CLIFF ADAMS is the newest addition to our clinical group, and brings with him several years of experience working with severely disturbed children in a residential treatment setting. With a Master’s degree in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University, and in possession of a Limited License to practice as a Social Worker, he comes well prepared and highly motivated to treat children and the families of children in need in both our Jackson and Jonesville, Michigan offices.