About John S. Hand and Associates

lamp3People enter counseling for as many reasons as there are people who decide to enter into that process.  They may be depressed, suffering from panic attacks, attempting to cope with the loss of a loved one, have an alcohol problem, or are in an unhappy relationship.  But they all arrive wanting or needing some kind of change in their life which would allow them to enjoy a more stress-free and fulfilling existence.  And that is our goal as well: to help those who enter this process of change called counseling to have a better life.

Counseling, sometimes called therapy or psychotherapy, is a vehicle for change by which the client enters into an intimate discussion of their issues, concerns, stresses, and problems in a confidential setting with a trained professional.  Our staff is skilled at helping clients sort things out and perhaps refocus their lives so as to better fulfill those needs.  We assist the client in finding solutions to the stressors and difficulties of not only daily life, but with long-term issues and chronic problems as well.  If it is determined that medication would be helpful, this can be arranged by consulting with the client’s primary care physician and if a client doesn’t have one, we can obtain one for them.  At times, a brief leave of absence from the workplace can be of assistance.

Finding solutions to job conflicts/burnout, obtaining diagnostic clarity for ADHD or autism, help with filing Social Security appeals, coping with depression or stress: whatever it is which requires the expert services of a highly trained clinical staff can be provided by John S. Hand, Ph.D., and Associates.  We are truly a multi-faceted psychological practice geared to helping people.